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Hawthorne Park Trans Am 2012

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Following on from the great event at Hawthorne Park Slot Car Club last year and the Pendle Slot Racing event, I am pleased to announce the confirmed rules and date for the 2nd Hawthorne Park Slot Car Club Pony car wars Trans Am Series event

Event Info

This event will take place at Hawthorne Park Slot Car Club, St Monicas Parish Centre, Bootle, Liverpool, Merseyside L20 9JD.
Practice will be on Friday Night from 7pm and Saturday Morning commencing from 9am. Practice sessions will be 10 minutes long and then you will change with another driver. This is in order to make the amount of practice fair to each driver
There will be food and drink to buy on the day from the club. A selection of drinks, snacks and lunch meals will be available on the Saturday.

Juniors £5.00
Seniors £8.00

Cars must be accurate 1/32nd scale cars which competed in the Trans-Am series between 1966 and 1972.
Entries should represent an actual Trans-Am livery of the period and carry the race numbers positioned where they appear on the actual car on which it is based.
Cars with incorrect liveries will NOT be permitted to run

Over 2 Litre class
Maximum width including wheel arches of 64mm.
Front wheels and tyres: Min diameter 18mm. Min overall width 6mm
Rear wheels and tyres: Min diameter 19mm. Max overall width 9mm (not contact patch)
Minimum ground clearance of the chassis and body between the wheels is 2mm.

Under 2 Litre class.
Maximum body width of 54mm including arches.
Front wheels and tyres: Min diameter 15mm. Min overall width 4mm
Rear wheels and tyres: Min diameter 15 mm. Max overall width 9mm (not contact patch)
Minimum ground clearance of the chassis and body between the wheels is 1.5mm.

Hard bodies only, made from Rigid Plastic, Resin, Glass Fibre or Wood.
Lexan or flexible vacuum formed bodies are not permitted.
In all cases where wide arches are used proof of them on the real car may be required and arches may not extend more than 2mm either side of the main bodywork and may not exceed the maximum width allowed for the class.
All cars must have clear window glass etc fitted where it appears on the prototype. Vacuum formed windows and headlight covers are permitted.
All cars must have an interior consisting of either rigid plastic or vacuum formed plastic and have a 3 dimensional representation of a driver consisting of at least a head, shoulders, arms, hands and the upper part of a steering wheel. The interior must fill the cockpit area of the car so that the chassis is not visible when looking through the windows of the car.
Bodies must be attached to the chassis securely. I.e. must not be held together with cellotape.

The chief race controller has come to the decision that NO cars with incorrect liveries will be allowed to enter the concours OR the race.
Upon entering the race, you agree that your car will meet the required liveries from the list of eligible cars

The chassis, wheels and tyres, motor, running gear and guide assembly (when centralised) must not be visible from directly above or through the interior.
Wheelbase is to be as accurate as possible to the car it is based upon and the wheels must sit in the centre of the arches when looking from the side of the car.
Wheels must be representative of the real wheels and have appropriate inserts fitted
Chassis can be made from any material but must be of an inline configuration only.
Weight may be added inside the car only and must be securely fixed.
This is a non magnet event. Traction magnets are NOT allowed.

Only one motor is allowed to be mounted into the chassis.
Only motors available from the Slot it, NSR, Slotting Plus and Scaleauto range are eligible for use and must be identifiable.
Motors must remain sealed and un-opened; any evidence of cans being opened will be viewed as tampering with the motor and is illegal. (No Neodium Magnets)
Motor must be positioned the correct way up in the chassis as intended and must not be positioned on its sides to aid magnetic grip.

Rear tyres must be of a rubber compound. No Sponge, Silicones or Ortmanns.
Tyres may be glued to the wheels, trued and treated but must feel dry to touch at the start of a race.
Tyre goops are NOT allowed.
Front tyres must be of a rubber compound and may be clear varnished.

Entrants can enter two cars each through scrutinising and may only race those cars he or she has had scrutinised for themselves.
Competitors may not share or borrow other competitors cars once scrutinising has closed and is not permitted.
Only the cars that have been scrutinised are allowed to be used during the meeting, if a part breaks or fails during a heat, the car can be repaired but needs to be scrutinized before commencing the next heat.
No change of car is allowed during a heat.
Random scrutinising will also take place at any time during a meeting. This will be carried out at the beginning of any heat or heats. All the cars in the chosen heat will be checked, if a car is found to be illegal at any point during the meeting that competitor's points will be scrubbed for the meeting.
Cars will be checked to ensure all parts used are eligible and all rules are adhered to.
Chief Scrutiniser's decision is final.

There will be 3 classes, Over 2L, Standard and Under 2L (if there is enough interest)There also will be a special award to the top finishing PCS chassied car
Each driver will race once on each lane. The heats will be raced over a time of 3 minutes. At the end of each race the laps & footages are recorded. All race scores are then totalled to give you your qualifying position for the finals. Any disputes regarding the race, marshalling or anything else should be made to the race controller.
All drivers are required to Marshall the heat which after they have raced on their designated marshalling posts.

Concours cars must compete in at least one qualifying race.
Only 1 car may be entered into Concours.
Concours will be judged by peoples vote. Each person will be given a voting slip to vote for their top three cars. Votes will then be totalled and the results given at the end of the meeting during the presentation.

Presentations will take place as soon as the results have been confirmed
Trophies will be awarded for the top 3 finishers in each class and a trophy for the highest placed PCS chassis car in each class.

If It's not mentioned above then it's illegal!
By registering for this event you are accepting the rules above and agree to abide by the organisers, scrutinisers & race controllers decisions which are final.
All drivers have the right to appeal against decisions from any of the officials to the officials committee where a joint decision will be made.
Drivers appeals should be made within 30 minutes of the infraction occurring.
Chief race controller: Jake D'Arcy
Scruitineer: Phil Clayton
Scruitineer: John Kellaway

Eligible Cars
Over 2 Litre

Ford Mustang Notchback (1964-1968)
Ford Boss Mustang Fastback (1969-1970)
Plymouth Barracuda
Chevrolet Corvair
Ford Falcon (1963)

Ford Falcon (1964)
Dodge Dart (1965-1966)
Chevrolet Camaro
Mercury Cougar
AMC Javelin
Pontiac Firebird
Dodge Challenger
Chevy II Nova
Pontiac Tempest GTO (1964)

Under 2 Litre
Alfa Romeo GTA
Alfa Romeo GTV
BMW 2002Ti
BMW 1800 Ti-SA
BMW 1600
Fiat Abarth 1000
Mini 850, Cooper and Cooper S
Saab 96 and 850
Honda 600
Renault R8 Gordini
Renault Dauphine 1093
Opel Kadett
Ford Anglia
Lotus Cortina MkI
Ford Cortina GT MkI
Ford Escort Twin Cam MkI
Ford Capri 2000 MkI
VW Beetle
VW Super Beetle
Simca 1000
Hino Contessa
NSU TTS 1000 and Prinz
Porsche 911
Lancia Fulvia
Sunbeam Imp
Volvo 122S
Volvo 544
Volvo 142
Datsun 510
Ford Pinto
Triumph Vitesse
Toyota 1600
Opel Rallye
Fiat 124
Fiat 124 Sport Coupe
Chevrolet Vega

Anyone who is interested, please PM me, reply to this thread or e-mail: [email protected] - Numbers will be limited

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The new paint on the track seems to be causing issues with dust levels. Now we have tried many other methods, but the only way that this can be controlled is applying a thin layer of goop to the track.

As per last years event... Don't panic, it will not effect your car or its tyres, it only creates more grip and protects the track as it will be heavilly used on the day. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please PM me or any HPSCC member

Jake, you need to adjust the schedule slightly to make room for the qualifying runs for each class. I estimate 30 to 40 minutes to complete
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2 minute heats aren't long enough Jake. They need to be at least 3 mins to make it worth while.

Don't go to heavy on the goop although personally I can't stand the stuff. I would have left it clean as it will allow the cars to slide around a bit as they should. Track will grip up over the weekend anyway but its your track and your event.

See you at the weekend Nic
Nic,There is a difference between sliding around as they should and having no grip at all! We have been running cars on the track for a while now and there is no indication of any grip developing. It may well "grip up" over the meeting, but this is may be regarded as a bit unfair on those people who run early. Obviously, we would prefer not to use the stuff but we have always had to-our track just happens to need it. We will make sure the goop will be well run in by next week. It was fine last year...
Hi Nic, with regards to heat lengths, 3 mins should be possible, however, this might mean that we have to miss qualifying out. I will let you know later this week regarding this.

With regards to goop, I don't like the stuff at all either, however no grip is going down and has been run on a lot recently. It is a club decision and despite the fact that I don't agree with it, I am happy to go along with it.

Cheers and see you at the weekend!

Just some road information for anyone staying at the Premier Inn West Derby. There are some major roadworks taking place on the A5058 (Queens Drive) which is the road that the hotel is on. I dont know if they will be finished before the weekend, but there are some diversions in place at the moment.

Also, there will be catering avalible at the weekend. We will be serving Bacon Rolls for breakfast, ( although you can have them in the afternoon if you want to!!
) and a lunch selection avalible, as well as chilled drinks and chocolate, all at reasonable prices and all proceeds going towards the club

See you then!
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Thanks Jake. We are staying in that Premier Inn but also will be coming down queens drive to get to the club....doh!
Thanks Jake

I've got something on first thing Saturday morning, so won't be able to leave early, but all being well should be there early afternoon.
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As far as I'm aware, it should be open at the weekend, but with delays, but don't quote me

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The club is open today from 11am - 4pm for practice, track is running smoothly too with good grip levels.

Tommorow morning, the doors will open for practice at 8:30. Could all drivers please be at the club before 9:30am so that we can get scrutineering done and get the day running smoothly

Come on how did practice go

Gainsborough Team don't forget you have some items to collect

Just because I can't be there, doesn't mean I can't have an update

Good Luck tomorrow

Ian B
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Practice was good Mr B, lap times were a lot faster than anticipated and this was probably down to the new copper tape and wiring. Also grip levels are very good.

The results tommorow should be interesting, particularly I'm the standard class

Cheers Ian. I will try and get some updates throughout the day on my mobiile to SlotForum

Hi Ian, practice went well. Its a great track. You can really get into a flow.

cars going pretty well but we have a surfeit of grip and the cars are tipping out if pushed too hard! Getting some decent times though, not much between the three of us!

Oh and I want a 24th Scaleauto!
Qualifying now finished
Neil Hirst Won standard qualifying with a blistering 9.11 lap.
Under 2L qualifying won by Jim Robertson
Over 2L won by Nic Hirst
Sounds Great, obviously I wish the Pendle Boys luck ...... BUT Go Jim Go
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Standard class qualifying was won by Nic Hirst, 2nd was Ted Martin and 3rd Jake D'Arcy. Only 2 feet between Jake D'Arcy and Ted Martin.

Now startting u2L
U2L heats won by Jim Robertson, close second Archie Davis, only 8 foot difference between the 2 and Neil Hirst finished 3rd. Over 2L heats are now half way through o2l heats
Well after some minor delays with the track, the day came to an end.

Full results and pictures will be published in the coming days. I hope you all had an enjoyable day

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