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Heart of England Classic Grand Prix F1 19/02/2011

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Hello All

As a prelude to organising a Midlands based 4-6 round Classic F1 Grand Prix Championship Bearwood Scalextric Club cordially invites competitors to take part in a NON CHAMPIONSHIP launch/test/race day on Sunday 19th February 2012.

Doors open at 10:30.

The purpose of the day is to allow potential championship competitors to test their cars followed up by a friendly/social non championship race day to assess the viability of the "Johnson Formula" and levels of interest.

Car regulations are available here.

Minimal entry cost of £4.00 per entrant. You may bring as many championship regulation compliant cars as you wish to test and race.

Due to the size of our club rooms we are restricted to a maximum of 25 racers.

The eventual aim is to organise a 4 to 6 round Midlands based championship during 2012 using:

Bearwood Scalextric Club Circuit.

Oaklands MCC Circuit.

Wolverhampton SCC Aldersley/International Circuits.

To enter please detail your interest below.

Please note that priority will be given to Bearwood/Oaklands/Wolverhampton racers.
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Hi Ian,

Sounds good, and I hope it goes well, but unfortunately it clashes with the Presto CanAm and F1 meeting, which I am already racing in. So regrettably I won't be able to attend.

Thanks for your responses chaps.

Remember this is a test/trial run for a championship later on in 2012 so there will be plenty of opportunity for you to join in.
Confirmed entrants so far:

1, Ian Howard
2, Graham Pritchard.
3, Steve Beach
4, Dave Parish
5, Owen Cooper (+ 2 others from Oaklands club)
6, Jonathan Davies
7, James Noake
I've got a few of these,

count me in Ian.


Many thanks Splitrim!

Come on guys get your names down!

Its going to be a cracking day!
Confirmed entrants so far:

1, Ian Howard
2, Graham Pritchard.
3, Steve Beach
4, Dave Parish
5, Owen Cooper
7, Ralph (Oaklands)
8, Eddie (Oaklands)
9, Simon James.
10, Jonathan Davies
11, James Noake
12, Will Charlton
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Ian, You appear to have missed my earlier posting when you first announced this little get together ,so I,ll state again that I have a prior racing appointment that day and therefore shall not be able to support your surprise event.
My apologies.

Coopdevil posted on a related thread that you were going to attend.

Entry list amended, below.

Confirmed entrants so far:

1, Ian Howard
2, Graham Pritchard.
3, Steve Beach
4, Dave Parish
5, Owen Cooper
6, Eddie (Oaklands)
7, Simon James.
8, Jonathan Davies
9, James Noake
10, Will Charlton
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Hello All

I am delighted to announce that Great Barr Scalextric Club have agreed to host a round of the Classic F1 Series at their fantastic circuit.

I met with Simon and Rod of GBSC today and the are keen to host a round of the Grand Prix Championship in 2012.

The Ninco surfaced circuit is fast, challenging and at a 15-17 lap it really feels like you are travelling somewhere!

There's plenty of feature and it has a Nurburgring feel to it. The club has a super "vibe" too with friendly uncomplicated racing and a state of the art race control centre.

Along with Oaklands, Bearwood and (hopefully Wolverhampton) the Great Bar facilty will provide superb racing and a great days sport.

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Well done Ian for contacting Great Barr, I have raced there on a Thursday night & the track is great fun, there are two long straights to stretch your legs & a very intricate section following the second straight that is great fun. This will also get some of the lads from Great Barr interested in not only this event but possibly other national events, this can only be good for the hobby.
Great Barr's track is all Ninco, so a medium guide will work well. They have the same race software as Wolves (Slot Master) & they can tune it to suit your race specifications.
Oaklands have a great track, Ive only raced there twice, but the people there make everyone feel welcome.
You could hold a second event at Wolves on the Aldesley track if there is room in the calendar!

Rob W.
QUOTE (Nomadic Racer @ 18 Dec 2011, 09:22) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>You could hold a second event at Wolves on the Aldesley track if there is room in the calendar!

Rob W.

I'm discussing exactly that scenario with Malcolm Scotto at the Wolves Club this coming Tuesday!

I'm also considering moving the event to the Saturday afternoon instead of on the Sunday in order to attract more interest.

I'll keep you posted on that score.
Hello All

I am delighted to announce that following negotiations with Malcolm Scotto at Wolverhampton tonight the Heart Of England Classic F1 Grand Prix Series will start on Sunday 25th March 2012.

It will be a "double header" round with 2 Grands Prix in one day.

Morning session will be using the Aldersley Circuit

Afternoon session will be using the fantastic International Circuit.

More details to follow soon.
Excellent news Ian, I may well be able to attend . The wolves international track is amongst the best tracks I,ve competed on, race is too strong a term these days, The less I say about the allesley go- kart thing then the sooner Malcolm will allow me back.
Oh Come on Ralph!
You love the Aldersley track really!
One of your best Wolves Classic results ever, was on this track a couple of years ago. You finished an excellent third with your delightful A35 'Pedro'!! Only being beaten by the hard charging Dick Smith (using Chris Adams Trabant) and Graham Windle driving his indecently quick Mini.
Seasons greetings to you and all at Oaklands,
regards Bill.

(I did email you at your works address but got the Out of Office reply).

We have four hosting clubs and five rounds! Are you getting confused by the fact that we actually have five tracks?
. With expected numbers OP can turn around two races in one day with a break for liquid lunch in The Hollybush.

Also if we have 10 (or perhaps 8 if one date goes assuming each date is a double header) rounds how many will count towards championship placings?

6th May clashes with the Turin (actually in Parma now) Vintage meeting which OP members sometimes attend, probably best for now to assume that the 6th May date won't be at OP. I'll be over at Bearwood on the 5th to race these things anyway.

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Eddie has just reminded me that 6th May is the same weekend as BSCRA Nats so can't be OP as our two regular race controllers will be at that instead.

Ang on lads' i,m getting confused here (easily done these days I know) , two minutes ago I,m reading how the scalexy- plastic- things try out is now on the 25th of march( skip the 1/24 BSCRA meeting ? and now your telling me theres yet more weekend meetings being scheduled, which I know nothing about? Oh well, I suppose it,ll become clearer when you beat it into me at The park tonight ( effing ones as I recall?
Theres a set of dates been proposed, will tell you tonight.
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