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Hi all. I am very new to slot cars, and I am wanting to get a track and cars, can someone lead me to a good set, maybe some web links. Money really isn't a factor, I just want something nice. Thanks for the help.

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Hi Baze and welcome to the Forum.

It is always very difficult to recommend a set to a newcomer to the hobby, it really depends very much on your own tastes in cars, and belive it or not your location.

If you are based in the UK, you can purchase sets from the following people, all are very pleasant to deal with and all will give you very sound advice.

Pendle -

Get Slotted -

Slot City -


There are many other sites to look at, and don't forget your local model shop, if you are lucky enough to have one near you.

I suggest you check these sites out, read this Forum posts, (it is the best Forum by far), and then come back with the many questions you will have.



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All sets are good, things I would (and did) check for my first set was:

1 - LOTS of track - you can't have too much! (unless your house is tiny)

2 - A lap counter - being able to see your fastest time so far, and have laps counted when racing with friends adds tremendously to the experience

3 - cars that you like the look of!!!

of course there are lots of other issues, but I for me thats the main stuff
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