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Hey guys,

Details are at the top, and I should be able to get a calender up tonight or tomorrow, which I'll have stickied up the top.

Our track is an 8 lane Ninco track which is looselaid for ultimate smoothness on a custom built wooden support system. The track is about 130 foot long and has fully computerised timing with possibly the best timing software available at the moment.

We are catered for on a Wednesday evening by an ex-club racers Mum (Rita) who is an absolute star
. She'll whip up anything toasted in minutes. Also available are hot and cold drinks.

Cost is £3 for members on a Wednesday night, and £4 (I think...) for non-members. While it costs £12 to become a member (to qualify for championship points and a vote at the AGM) at the beginning of the year and less if you join part way through the year (£1 for every month remaining).

We run 6 classes of cars at the moment, but cars are only allowed that are produced by Ninco, SCX, Scalextric or FLY. They are: Rally, Touring, Sports/GT, Club Cars, F1 and Super Sports.

Rally: Any rally car with an RX motor. All 4WD cars must remain 4WD.
SCX Citroen Xsara or Ninco Celica

Touring: Ninco Touring cars with NC2's.
Ninco BMW M3 or Ninco Mercedes CLK DTM

Sports/GT: Any GT car with NC2, NC3, NC5 or RX motors. Fly Racing cars are not allowed.
Ninco Mercedes CLK GTR

Club Cars: Club supplied SCX Audi R8's with RX4 motors. Bring your throttle and that's all!

F1: Not stricly F1 so much as open wheelers. Currently dominated by NC5 powered Ninco Champ cars and F1's.
Ninco Lola

Super Sports: Only magnet class run. Any motor is allowed.
Fly Lola B2K with V12 25k or Fly Racing motor

Basic rules for all classes:

- No parts to be used that aren't made by Ninco, SCX, Scalextric or Fly
- No alloy parts to be used.
- No roller bearings or pnuematic tyres.
- No cutting or sanding of body or chassis, except to remove exhausts which stop movement.
- Controllers must not contain capacitors or variable ohmage/braking.
- Erm... play fair and don't do anything which you consider modification really...

Hope this helps.

Ask questions if I haven't covered anything.


Andy T aka McLaren
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