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Welcome to my section of the Forum. In these pages you will be able find out about how I go about repairing and upgrading digital chips, aka in-car decoders. This low-cost service is much cheaper than replacing a damaged chip unless you manage to really roast it.

Parcels full of chips for repair arrive from right across the globe; from the US, Canada, most of Europe, OZ and NZ, and places like Trinidad, and Singapore.

Often, people who do not have the confidence or equipment to install their own chips contact me to do it for them. That is why you see so many posts from me in the SSD Chipping Database. It is an inexpensive service that helps racers to enjoy the joys and frustrations of digital slot cars.
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This is fantastic Greg, about time you had your own area for chips.
So this is Gregs chips site to answer your questions the way he does it.
Thanks for stepping up Greg. Great idea.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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