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Never venture into your attic unless you want to unleash childhood memories. Like a few people on here of late i think i may join the ranks of ... loved scalextric as a kid and now i am old, i reminis on how great it was. I wondered what it was like today and realised that the whole digital scene seems pretty cool. running more than one car on a track and switching lanes - awesome. So i ended up considering converting my classic track to digital for a bit of fun....and then realised i may as well just buy a digital set as this would be a worthy start (i could always convert my old track later?).

i am now the happy owner of a digital 6 powerbase. already bought some new cars. best moment so far...being beat by the pace car i set up! i blame the inconsistency between the cars and the fact i was on the dirty side of the track (i was running in analogue mode, so no chance of switching lanes).

anyway. i figured i would join this club as there seems to be a wealth of knowledge about, so if i get stuck i'm sure i will find what i need, and it seems a pretty friendly place.

happy racing people.

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