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Hello, everyone! I haven't really messed with slot cars since the late 80s, when I was a kid. Although my childhood sets are long-gone, I've been thinking about putting together a basic home set. A few years ago I purchased a used Hot Wheels set and some Artin track I found at a Savers, but the cars were clunky so I shelved it. Now I'm getting the bug again, so I'm hoping to find a pair of decent cars and use the existing track I have.

I have way too many hobbies (and very little space) to allow myself to get full-fledged into slot car racing, and while there is a slot car track near my house, I don't plan on doing much racing, if any.

I did have a favorite set as a kid, it must have been the Tyco Grand Prix Formula-1 Racing Set. The cars are pretty common (a white & red #11 McLaren and a red #2 Ferrari), so I think I'll start there. I'd be using the Hot Wheels controllers with the Artin transformer, that worked for the Hot Wheels cars anyway...
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