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Not new to slots, but new to this site, started going to slot races in 1970 got my first track in 1971 it was a bigger scale not sure the brand then had a few HO sets,
then at 16 I got into 1:1 scale cars and did not race until 2004. The mall in St.Louis had a big 8 lane Ninco track and the smell and the sound took me back 35 years
my twin girls were 5-6 then and I built them a 8X8 Carrera track, we had the Th anniversary set, we all enjoyed racing that track, the wife had fun with it to, that
let me build what we have today A 4 lane carrera that is 16X40 just over 175 feet per lane, with driver stations, 40 power taps pyramid power supply and DS-pro for lap time.

I enjoy building 1\24s I just got done with a 1950 Chevy pick-up and have 3 more trucks on the bench.

thanks for your time

· Kitbasher
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Welcome to the forum Jon, don't forget to post pictures of your track, it sounnds terrific.


· Martin De Ath
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Hi there Jon.. Welcome to the Forum..

As tifosi has already mentioned. As soon as you can, please post some photos, as your track and slot cars sound very intresting.
I am sure a lot of people on here would like to see some photos.
Have fun....

All the best.. Martin De'Ath.

· Greg Gaub
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Jon, if you have pictures hosted elsewhere, such as flickr or photobucket, or even another forum that allows external photo embedding, you can post them here from those sites. SlotForum only grants file/image storage to those who pay for the SlotForum+ membership.

· One petunia in a field of onions
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Hey Jon.

Fancy meeting you here.
Pic posts work pretty much the same here as the do on the other forum. The one starting with A that I'll get in trouble if I mention.

I reckon you'll work it out ok.


· Jim Moyes
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You need to click the "Insert image" icon. Fourth from the right above the reply box that you type your text into.
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