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Hi everyone, Im a complete amateur to Slotcars compared to most of you.
I recently dug my Scalextric set out the loft to give my 12 yr old nephew something to do when he was staying with me, I have him hooked now, so I went out last week and bought him a basic starter set, track extension kit and a couple of cars for his Xmas, i am also planning registering both of us in the Scalextric Club to get the club exclusive cars. I am also planning to expand what kit I have and set up a permanent track once i get my loft floored.
I found this forum and joined up when i was searching the net looking for tips on how to do some repairs that are needed on a couple of my cars.
At the moment my kit consists of:
Scalextric Le Mans 24hr (C812)
Toshiba Porsche 962 #24 (C356W)
AEG Sauber Mercedes C9/88 #62 (C357)
Ford Cosworth Mondeo #15 (C424)
BMW 318i Daily Express (C358W)
BMW M3 Mobil #32 (C406)
Top Gear Nissan GT-R (C3070)
Top Gear Lamborghini Gallardo (C3069)
I also found up my loft my old Matchbox Powertrack PT6000 Race n Chase which I got when I was about 6yrs old, I plan to get it fixed up to introduce my son to slotcars as well once he is old enough.

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Hi and welcome to the forum. Its a great place to find advice.

I to had the same Race N Chase set, spent many an hour jumping over that ramp and doing U turns with that corvette, it was the TCR set what got me totally hooked.

Now, i have way too many cars

What made the hobby even more enjoyable was finding a local club, luckily there are 2 great ones close by and now I get to race my cars on much bigger tracks

I just hope you enjoy the hobby even when your son starts to beat you
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