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Joined up a while back, but kept my mouth shut for a while. Joined up because some of the other boards are a little too "Amerocentric" at times, and I am a Brit ex-pat living in Texas. Don't have a problem with mono-nation forums, but like the multi-national thing a lot more.

About me:
I first got Scalextric when I was 2 in 1965. Dad got the set second-hand; rubber track. Trashed the cars, but started buying new ones when I could afford it. I never stopped. I still come home once or twice a year, and have been known to meet other slotters at swap meets etc...

Moved to the US in 1996. Brough my stuff with me. Race with friends a lot. Started a club which outgrew our houses, so opened a shop to support more space. 4 years later, the club is huge (120+ people, 4 tracks), and the shop's revenue is greater than its expenses!

Commercial free club site is at:

Any slotter from anywhere is welcome. Won't mention the shop name, but you can find us if you look for us....

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