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Hey everyone,

Just thought I would post a quick welcome message!

My name is Mark, i'm a 30 year old Web Designer from London, England.

As a kid I had 2 sets of Scalextric, the Escort Night Time set (I've forgotten it's proper name!), and the RS Cosworth. Just recently I raided my parents loft and dug them both out. Surprisingly it all still worked! I've set up a small test track (mounted on a frame and a sheet of 9mm MDF measuring 8' by 3') with a raised section and begun some scenary using industrial bonding to piece together a hilly area covered in scatter grass. A pit building is also in progress.

My girlfriend has since allowed me to renovate her loft - no jokes about that please!
so I will soon be spending far too much time (and money!) laying flooring and building a table up there. I am yet to decide whether to remain with the plastic track or try my hand at routing.

Either way, it's very exciting!

I've been visiting the forum as a guest for the past couple of months and the people posting are very friendly, and extremely knowledgeable on all things slot-car! Some of the work produced has been mind-blowing, and it is my hope that I can produce something worthy of being up there with them.

Good day to you all!


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Welcome to the board, Mark.

I think the set you had was called "Night Stages", with a pair of Xr3is.
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