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Been posting on these boards for a while now, but didn't bother to introduce myself as I have been posting for much longer on a similar board that most people frequent...

Anyway, the reason I decided to introduce myself is a post I read on the digital board; "What happened to SCX?". At the bottom of the page 1 moped rider and integrali began talking about the lack of young racers these days. Don't know what part of the country you're from but I'd say the there are plently of young'uns, and to make matters worse, they're beating the old'uns!

Our current club champion is 21, but won his first European GP at 17 I believe, his brother was European Champion at 18, and we have recently had a couple of GPs where the 6 finalists average age is below 20.

Just wanted to put this forward as I want the 'teens to be acknowledged, they are out there....

Back to the introduction,


My name is Andy, I am 18 and from London. I enjoy all typical 18 year old hobbies; drinking, eating, sleeping, watching motorsport and competing in motorsport. Although competeing is stricly limited to breaking all manners of traffic laws in my Fiesta... and slot racing.

I have been racing for nearly 6 years at Eastcote Scalex Club and West London Scalex Racing Club. Both plexi tracks, one smoother than the other... I enjoy racing GT cars and F1 cars without magnets, and for the life of me cannot think why anyone would want to add a manget to a slot car (not starting the arguement again). I compete in the club championship at both clubs, a couple of annual 24hr, 12hr and 6hr events, and also in the London GT series, and the European Grand Prix series where I finished 6th last year (don't mean to toot my own horn, lol).

Lotus03; because you can't find better handling sports cars for that price... and that's when I signed up.

Thanks for reading, sorry for moaning and see you all around,

Lotus (Andy)

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Welcome Lotus!

you said you enjoy all the hobbies 18 year olds enjoy, but you neglected to mention GIRLS!!

I used to have a Fiesta when I was 18, a 950cc popular
Then promptly stuck myself in debt at 19 and got a mk.1 XR2 - it was the mutt's nuts at the time!

On to bigger and better Fords now though


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I had a Datsun Cherry 100A nicknamed the Phantom Banana becuase of the lovely colour. It was My Mum's cast off and got me about. First car I bought was a black Opel Manta with chrome Wolfrace wheels. Nice!


QUOTE all the hobbies 18 year olds enjoy, but you neglected to mention GIRLS!

Girls aren't a hobby, they are an irrational and ever building expense. First it's the movies and a pizza, then before you know it is houses, holidays, kids and then everything you own gone as alimony.


My first car was a bubble car at 16. It was rubbish and flatout was under 30mph I only ever used it once drove 8 miles in it and sold it. I had motorbikes until I was 17.


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QUOTE My first car was a bubble car

RR, you have to take them out of the blister pack!

...sorry, silly day, couldn't resist....

PS - I didn't get into bikes until I was almost 30, a Kawasaki GPz550, same year that I bought my second Datsun 240Z! (Obviously single again...

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Guess what! SCX are bringing out a Fiesta!
Not like my mk 3 but it's got to be better than the Scalextric offering.

Also seen a C2 VTR, 307 Coupe and loads more!

Check out MRE, loads of advanced previews.

Shame no-one ever never made bubble cars or the old 240Z (or did they?)

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