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· Martin De Ath
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Hi there Steve...

Welcome to the Forum..
Like yourself, I also returned to Slot Cars about 3 years ago, after being away for approx 35 years, and like yourself was amazed how it had changed.

Have fun...

All the best Martin De'Ath..

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Hi Steve.

I think a large number of people here have come back to slot cars after a few years away.

This forum is (I think) the best place to gather information and learn about new products, building cars, tracks and just about everything else that is slot car related. It is also a great place to share slot car thoughts and experiences.

Have fun and welcome back!!!!



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Thanks for the warm welcome, guys!

QUOTE (slotrace48 @ 27 Jul 2011, 13:12) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Not sure what part of Devon you are in but a thriving clube exists in Honiton ... East Devon Slot Racing Club.


Ron Lane

Hi Ron

I'm in Exeter, so not too far away... I'd already spotted EDSRC and will contact you again once I've settled in here.


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