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Hello from the Colonies. I'm a former professional racer from the '60's. Yes...I helped kill the sport a few decades back...but I've changed my ways. Currently carving my own 1/32 (give or take an inch) bodies out of balsa but don't plan on ruining 1/32 club racing anytime soon as everyone seems much friendlier and better groomed too. One question...where are the girls?

Favourite Beatle: George, Favourite Singer: Tony Burrows of White Plains, Edison Lighthouse, Brotherhood of Man etc. Pet Peeve: 19th century explorers, Other Hobbies: Collecting 60's & '70's stereo equipment.


Bob Suzuki

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Hi Bob,

Welcome to a great board!

I'm another Canuck fossil who raced 1/24 (and 1/32) in the 60's! Just returning to my 1/32 roots now. I think you'll find this to be a very well informed, knowledgable, and civil group. Well... until I joined...

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