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Hi Guys,

Bought a Carrera D132/124 kit for the kids. It's got the basic track with a couple of lane changers, the back box (the small unit with the plastic lid that comes off the "124" side of the black box, and under it is a red pace car push button, and a fuel tank switch, or something like that) plus a couple of cars (Porche and Maclaren).

Was good for one day, not sure what happened but now when I put either car on the track (with Black Box power switch on or off - doesn't matter - result always the same) the car takes off at top speed and crashes on first bend as it's going too fast. The controllers are plugged into the 1st two controller ports on the balck box, but neither one has any control over what the cars are doing.

I've watched some of the you tube clips and followed what the guys demonstrate - use the lane changer button on the controller to code the car, set speed, make it autonomous, etc., but nothing has any effect on the current behaviour of the system.

Any help would be great - at the moment, all kids are banned from using it until I get it going again properly. I've spent a fair bit of time over the last week trying to figure it out but nothing I try works!

So in summary:
1) Cars get power whether black box switch on or off.
2) Controllers have no effect.
3) When I switch on the black box while holding down the start button, all 5 LEDs come on and stay on after I let the start button up. If I press the start button again, all LEDs go off, then come on one by one until all 5 are lit again, then just the middle one comes on. If I press the button again then all 5 LEDs come on again. I know this is just random info, but hoping someone out there knows what all this means. Hope the unit isn't broken...

Please help!


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