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Help Finding Pictures Of Cars

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Hey guys; Gordo Bond 007 here again. I am working on a project, and I really need help finding some pictures of some vintage race cars.

The cars are, ones that I own 1/32 scale slot cars of, but which I am having all sorts of trouble finding pictures of the actual "real steel" cars, in the particular liveries that are represented by these slot cars.

I have searched the Web for hours, and I have come up with nothing, so that is why I am coming to you fine gents with your vast combined knowlege of vintage sports car racing, I am sure some of these mysteries could be solved.

Here are the cars that I am refering to;

1. 1952 - Ferrari 166 / 212 "I"Uovo - Carrera 25711, 1952 - Mille Miglia - Car # 617

2. 1953 - Ferrari 166MM - MMK-31, 1953 Tour De France - Car # 26

3. 1955 - Ferrari 750 Monza - MMK-43, 1955 - Spa Grand Prix - Car # 33

4. 1960 - Ferrari 250 GT SWB - G-M-C SO1 - 1960 - 24 Hours of Lemans - Car # 15

If anyone happens to have a picture in either black & white, or color in an old book or magazine etc, I would very much appreciate it if you could scan it and either post it here on this thread, or maybe email it me.

Thanks in advance for reading and responding to this request

Gordo Bond 007
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De 166 #26 is there in #22 livery as die-cast model. I don't know the make.
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