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Those two porsches, in fact almost every Group C car from have such similar performance characteristics, that the differences you are experiencing are not model differences.

Not knowing how experienced you are in tuning slot cars, nor what kind of track you are racing on, and whether it is with magnets or not, it is hard to suggest the performance differences and how to close them but

If racing with magnets - compare the downforce between the two.

For all cars, checlk that your front wheels are not binding - perhaps only under load, compare all tolerances, how tight or loose the pod and body screws are - (1 turn back from tight is a good start on everything, then fine tune for better lap times from there.)

Compare tyre compounds. have used a few over the years as stock on cars.

Check that all tyres are evenly seated on rims.

Depending upon track size, if one has an orange end-bell motor and the other a white end-bell motor, you may want to gear down the white bell motor, which had higher rpm, but lot lower torqure. a larger tooth crown on that car may bring it closer to the other.

I am sure other will add to this list.
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