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Help for a Virgin !

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Hi All

Finally entered the strange world of scratch building (well not really! - 1/32 kit conversion).

Like (i suspect) many of us i have bought countless 1?32 kits over the years with good intentions to build them up into slot cars.

Todays purchases include 2 Pyro Kits:

Bugatti GP racer (type 59) - please don't bite my head off if this is wrong - it's what it says on the box!


Alfa Romeo GT 1931 6C

I planed to use some small motors (Scalextric bike/historic or Pink Kar) possibly with long shafts from the front to the rear (from the Scalextric Caterhams).

The main question i could really do with some help with is wheels and tyres!

I have seen hundreds advertised over the years, but never really bother to take much info in as it didn't really bother me at the time.

Any suggestions for tall thin pre war wheels and tyres?

Any tips about these specific models (or examples of ones you did earlier would be a great help).

These will be the first few kits i attempt before trying the Lotus 30 and MG Sprite.


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Talk to BWA mate.

In particular, to the wheels that went on this...

Pyro Bently

and GOOD LUCK! keep us informed of progress, we love pics here

Actually, bring the kit with you next weekend and you can take a look at that chassis and see if it is what you need mate.
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Jexy, probably the BWA 32002 wheels and either Ninco Classic 7x20mm tires or 9x20s or a simliar size from someone else?
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I knew there would be help out there!

Swiss Not sure if there will be room in the car for one more car - will ask scott! - joking - i'll bring it along - all the help required!

PS - will be bringing both SCX Digital sets so we can make a decent size track - Space permitting!


Hi - just had a look at that web page.

All that brass and metal? - does no one use the plastic chassis that come with the kits or are these too bendy?

Ref the wheels any period looking ones?

Not really too fused about speed and performace just nice looking kits that can go round the track.


told you i was new to this!
Hi Gareth,

Bruce at Pattos Place has a vast range of wheels, tyres and inserts. He's in Oz but they don't take long to get here. he usually posts Friday and they arrive Tueday or

If you want plastic wheels you could use the Ninco classic wire wheels.

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Hi Gareth,

Another possibility, although not perfect if you wish to get the project underway, would be the wheels and tyres from the new Vanwall/Maserati. The trouble is no idea how long it will be before they are released as spares?

Also little bit of info, Julian (Slik) showed me the little Maserati yesterday, it has a standard Mabuchi with a prop shaft (ala Caterham, TVR) not a motor cycle motor! rather surprising, especially because the cars are small!

All the best,


Or not quite right, but look nice are the "wire" wheels for the Ninco Classics. The chrome looks wrong, but a light spray of silver paint makes a good look.

Hi Prof

Thanks for that - i looked at the wheels on the Ninco Classic Jag last night, agree they look to shinny, but like you say a spray of paint and they would be OK. Problem is they are too small.

I thought of the wheels from a old Scalextric Bentley but these are too big, it's just in between.

To be fair i have based the size (as being correct) on the wheels that came with kit i have no actual dims for the correct wheels and tyres.


I was convinced that the Historics had different motors in them, they felt very smooth when i played with them at Goodwood - different gearing? or just me.

I have decided to use a Pink Kar motor anyway (from the Ferrari) i plan to mount it sideways and use a shaft and spring from the Scalextric Caterham.

I'm thinking of keeping the plastic chassis from the kit and infilling with thick plastic card to attach motor and guide post etc.

Still trying to work out a neat way to sort the front wheels most axles i have just look too thick and most pictures i have seen of the real car the wheels sit at quite an angle i.e. not 90 degrees to the road. Might try stub axle type thing?

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I think the rear wheels from the Carrera Merc and Maserati are a bit bigger than the Nincos.
Hi Howmet TX

Thanks for that, got the Carrera/Marks and Spensers alarm clock Merc out and unscrewed everything. Wheels look good a bit thick, but i'm going with these - thanks.

Still struggling to work out the front Stub/axle arrangement, there just not enough bodt work to cover it up and have no idea about the guide flag.

I could put the guide just behind the front axle, but can't belive this is a good handling move?

I think it would have been a good idea to start your 1st scratchbuild with something a little easier Gareth. The prewar cars are difficult to convert to slotcar use, even for an experienced scratchbuilder!

But good luck

A good chassis/motor for these are the ones from the Polistil 1/43 f1 cars. You can pick these up for a few pounds from any swapmeet.
But wheels and tyres are always going to be a problem.
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Hi Phil

Knew it would not be easy, but i've started now and i don't like to leave something unfinished, however that said i can see it's not going to be easy.

Perhaps a full body sallon may be an easier starting point.

Phil have you built one of these cars in the past, i would love to see how someone else sorted the front end.

I have several ot these bodies ready for conversion,the only tyres that I know of are the Pink Kar ones all the others are about 7mm wide and you need 4/5mm.
The Pink Kar are the wrong wheel insert though. My solution was to narrow some aluminium wheels and then use the kit wheels as inserts, but I have now cast some larger wire inserts and will use them in aluminium wheels.

If you have a quick look at the Cunningham thread- my solution there was to cut down a Fly guide into a 'pin'-type and mount it solid, like the TSRF chassis. It doesn't take up much room and works pretty well, once you get the braids sorted. It seems appropriate for these vintage cars anyway.
Stick at it Jexy- we really really want to see the results!
For an alternative guide, Pattos sell trailing guides. I've used them in all my front engined GP cars

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VFR750 - trailing guides????

Will look at that, how do they work?

I will take the kit and my box of bits - which is as far as this project has got! to Switzerland to let the wise and fine laugh at my ideas!

See you later

The post is near the front of the guide,so the blade trails behind the post. The Slot It guide is smaller and almost a trailing guide.

One of these?

Might work - i'm going to Aus in Nov so maybe i'll pop in.

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I've got five of these coming next week. Send me a PM if you would like one.


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