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Help from our resident Gurus again

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We appreciate it so THANKS!!!

I want to know who made this (936?). I know it is not original as it has (SCX) steering front end glued on). I also have a couple of old decal sets for it (exactly what is on it now) but I also do not know whose they are.

I think it is fairly plain in detail but worth a freshen up and maybe some good running gear so...

Knowledge base building for this car starts....... NOW!¨

PS: thanks in advance as always...
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That is an Airfix/MRRC steering unit, but it may be the wrong one, looks a little narrrow to me.
They were held on this car with two screws into the posts in the body that you can see in the pic.
You can't really glue the kind of plastic they were made from, so don't know whats holding it on!
I should have the correct steering unit if you want one.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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