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Help from our resident Gurus again

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We appreciate it so THANKS!!!

I want to know who made this (936?). I know it is not original as it has (SCX) steering front end glued on). I also have a couple of old decal sets for it (exactly what is on it now) but I also do not know whose they are.

I think it is fairly plain in detail but worth a freshen up and maybe some good running gear so...

Knowledge base building for this car starts....... NOW!¨

PS: thanks in advance as always...
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More tomorrow Graham - thanks

It came in a bunch of cars I bought a couple of weeks ago including a French Power Sledge Matra F1 that had Mr M quite excited

Seems it was a good lot.

Maclaren - what part of the front end is missing from the pic and how will that help?
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Would make a sweet Porsche Cup car I am thinking.

Thanks for the help guys, I reckon a Slot.It HRS chassis to start with plus some detailing.

As I said, I have two sets of decals for it (straight replacements) but they are old and a litle yellowed. I also have a set of 936 decals (also Martini) fro mPattos.
Anyone know which car the Pattos ones are from? Pics would be grand.
Here you go - closer steering pic, still not perfect but better?

It looks glued on and certainly not screwed.

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1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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