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Hi all you super model makers,

I am looking for some one to build me a holder for my RichG lap display

Ideally I would like something along the lines of Savages

But with it sitting on top of some pit buildings as part of the control tower / pit lane area

Something along the line of this lifted from Glovemans track

But not on his scale possibly using 2 of the red door units with the tower in the middle but instead of the window part and podium that is where the lap display and pit game are housed ?

Now is there anyone that would be able and willing to build one or point me in the direction of where I can get the pre done parts to make it ?

And what sort of cost are we looking at ? I have the lap display and pit pro already

Or it is it pretty easy to do but I have never done any modelling at all so I was thinking this might be a bit to much as a first project ?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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