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Help! I need a Teamslot Golf!

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I'm looking for this car:

The Teamslot Mk1 Golf, but don't really want to pay stupid money for it.

Anyone got one kicking around that they are bored of?

Money waiting...

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There's a shop on eBay called CLASSICSLOT LTD who stocks Team Slot stuff. He hasnt got a Golf in his lists at the moment, but it might be worth dropping him a email. Just a thought!

"CLASSICSLOT LTD, Maintained by: classicslot10
TEAM SLOT: We are importers and direct sellers of TEAM SLOT 1/32nd scale Slotcars. We normally carry most of the Team Slot range and will not be beaten on price. We EXPORT sell TAX FREE so overseas buyers please apply for prices via email."

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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