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Help I need two more Ferrari F40 to complete my collection.

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As the title says I have discovered that there are two more Ferrari F40 models that I did not know existed so if you have them, I want them :)

SCX 8355 White F40 Tetra Pak. This is the Tetra Pak marked 'Scalextric' not the UK market one marked SCX, I have that.

SCX 8345C-09, Ferrari F40 Red, 'Club 94' Same as the plain jane red SCX car #60 but with additional decals.

Happy to pay a sensible price for Mint Boxes, happy to consider other condition...

My thanks to for the pictures.



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I do not know what you consider a reasonable price, but I see several scalex tetra briks on the Spanish bay of e, like this one for gbp 60:
Btw I saw you also had a shell lego version, but I missed the lego speed champions one...
I'm pretty sure I've got a spare tetra pak one
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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