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Help locating bodyshells

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When I have finished my current projects I have decided to recreate some of the cars from The V8 Super Saloon Series. I am looking for a Daf 55 or 66 and a Skoda Rapide. Others under consideration are a Beetle, a Mini a Rover P6 and an Escort, these are easy to find. I think the first to are going to prove very difficult to find. Seems to be a race series much forgotten and nobody seems to make solid bodies of them.
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The Daf 55 V8 will make an awesome beast

Never seen one, either in real life or as a slot body though

I agree, it would make an interesting slot car...

I have seen a Skoda 130 Coupé before, prototype @ Nürnberg 2010:

Happy hunting!
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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