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help matching cars to track

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25 years ago I really enjoyed slot racing. Now I want to pass it on to my boys. I pulled out my old track and set up about 6 feet of it. I purchased two new aw cars which were the only ones I could find. They fit the track, the track has 20 volts to it. But the cars don't move. Are ho slot cars different now in some way? Any help would be appreciated.
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Yes please tell us more, what you describe could have any one of a number of causes.

The motors should spin over happily enough on a lot less than 20 v.
If they don't spin over when connected to say 6 volts dc then it sounds like a car problem.
If they do spin over when connected direct to a power supply, but not the track either the power is not being delivered to the track rails or there's a pick up problem.
Difficult to offer more help without more info on what you've got.
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