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Guys, my pops wants to buy a 1/24 car ready to run. Since were pretty new, we dont know what to get. he wants a top of the line car, and dosnt mind spending a little cash. So, throw some names out of some easy maintained but really fast cars. A good website would work.

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If you pops has a home-racing track and assuming it is not a Scalextric or SCX track because they are too narrow for a 1/24 scale car, may I suggest that you get him a TSRF chassis and obtain a Tamiya Tamtech body for it on E-Pay, as they are perfect and dirt-cheap? On a home-racing track, it will be hard to beat for reliability, speed and ease of driving. Tamiya makes a Porsche 962, Porsche GT 961, Ford Mustang GTP, BMW GTP, Lancia LC2 GPC and others. These are one-piece bodies withy molded-in windows and are very strong. Also Carrera has some very nice bodies: Porsche GT1, BMW V12, Audi R8... you can buy the complete cars and delete the chassis as the TSRF chassis again is easily fitted and the substantial difference in performance is definitely worth the extra investment.
For racing on a routed track with no traction magnets, the same car fitted with TSRF sponge tires is boss.

Many plastic model kit bodies can be fitted to the TSRF chassis, thanks to an automatic body mounting tool that makes things quite easy indeed.

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