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Help needed! Analogue from Digital with Powerbase

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I have a digital track with a Scalextric Power Base 6. A i understand i can convert to analogue using the powerbase on a digital track. However it appears to power one lane only on analogue! What equipment do i need to power and control the other lane of the two lane track?
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Hi ... and welcome to the forum

Essentially, you need just another PSU. The manual, and I use that word advisedly, details this in Section 7.1 on page 11.

Cheers - Greg

... or for a couple of quid you can just put a blank plug in the second socket - see here
Doh! Too slow on the job this time.
I was following up Greg's post with one about the extra plug that Chris just mentioned.
Here's what I wrote, in case it adds anything useful:

If you're just running stock cars, rather than heavily modded cars that need lots of power, you can get by with one PSU. You need to plug the other hole with a properly fitting plug, though. If you have another device that fits the socket, plug it in, but do NOT NOT NOT plug the other end into the wall power. We only want a dead plug in that jack to tell the base that it's ok to use both lanes. Ideally, you would cut off the plug from whatever it used to be on, to prevent any mistakes.

But, as Greg pointed out, the best option is to get another PSU. It will give you more power for two analog cars, not to mention all 6 digital cars (or more, if you set up more than one as pacer on the same ID ;-). On top of that, there would be no worries about warranty issues, because you'd be following the manufacturer's guidelines.

For more detail on Analog mode, please see my video:
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Thanks for the informative and prompt feedbacks.

Bought the powerbase as I had some old cars in the loft that i wanted to use. Also just got my hands on a Flyslot John Player's Lotus that i am eager to race.

As long as i dont have to purchase another powerbase 6 ,,, phewwww..
as long as you have C7042(apb) and not C7030 pbpro with simple h then it is just a case of adding extra psu....

If you have the latter pb then for 2 lane analouge some pretty clever surgery is required...
Good catch Bigbird... I was going to ask which PB was being talked about as there was no mention of the ADVANCED Power Base.

If it is the NEW PB (C7042) aka APB, follow the instructions.

If it is the OLD PB (C7030) then you are limited to one lane analogue after PB-Pro is installed (if I am correct) but able to do two lane analogue after modification. The mod is on this forum but most send it to RikoRocket or RichG to be done. Cost? I dunno. But it might creep close to buying the new APB.

Hope that helps.
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How soon we forget,
the glad jumper system will run 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 lanes analog
with any Scalextric digital power base.

Cost is under 40 dollars US per lane using Slotit chips,
which I prefer over Scalextric chips for the jumper.

How to information is found at the other slot site in the USA.
There are computor powers supplies that are good as secod supplies. I use one 15V 75W as recommended somwhere in this forum. BEWARE this could void your warranty.
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