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Well if you're running rubber when other guys are running silicon tyres then there's a problem right there. Rubber tyres won't grip on a track that's had silis on it.

Is everyone else running old NC-1 cars? If so great, they're lovely to run together. If not then there's another problem - about 5000rpm and a truckload of torque. So if you're running your car against the later Ninco Mercedes CLK for example then you're in for a long night and few points.

Are many people swapping their wheels and tyres from standard? It can make a big difference.

Are you running with magnets? If so, perhaps some folk have found more powerful magnets to fit the pockets of their cars. Looks like there is room in the regulations for this. The old Nincos never relied on their magnets to handle well.

And finally there's the choice of car to consider. We run Ninco GTs with NC-1 motors in them on Ninco track. That gives us, in theory, a choice between the McLaren F1 GTR, Porsche 911 GT1 and Ferrari F50. However the McLarens are all at least a second per lap faster than the best Porsches and Ferraris.

Those look like regs that are open to a lot of interpretation to me.
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