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My two penny worth. Any lane changer needs really to be 1 full straight clear of the last corner or you have to sloww down A LOT not to drift and miss it. So I know you were told to move the XLC to the last corner but I would not. Move it back 1 corner or re design slightly. Same for the Pit Entry. You will lose a lot if you have to slow a lot to hit the pit entry. You could get the pit lane to touch the main track. This is done by cutting down a real track piece to make the right single lane section. You may want to do this anyway as cutting a full straight to make two full singles is good (they are very slightly short but work). If you go that way my tip is put a big fillet of hot melt glue either side of the central web then cut. I got a near perfect cut down the middle of the web. single track cut corners won't be as accurate but it will let you move the pit lane entry. Plus you really need (my opinion) 2 spaces to re-fuel in the lane. First man in must take the last space. Failure to do so or miss the marked space, means he has to go round before he can re-fuel. Digital is a whole new world, have fun. Plus with the bigger pit lane you can have pit pro. Being a rug racer and small track that is one I can't yet fit.
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