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Fellow Slot Addicts,

I normally post on the slot boards with normal opinions and new ideas to expand the sport. However, now I need some urgent advice on foreign cars, similar to those now made as slot cars, and I had no one else to turn to with expertise that I thought could help me in short order.

I am trying to find out quickly to confirm if there were actual fire extinguishing systems installed on some European mass produced passenger cars in years past, not portable extinguishers but plumbed systems that would shoot under the hood, etc. I have been told that various Mercedes cars, such as the S-Class cars from 1979 to 1992 or so, had such things as 2 kg Halon systems as factory-installed options, as well as Ford Focus and Ford Transport vans.

If any of you have any recollection, or know of a website, reference or someone I could talk to that could shed some light on this, I would be most appreciative. I had an urgent need for this info, and need it before Tuesday evening (U.S. time). If you would rather let me know via a direct email, just let me know here and I'll forward my email address.

Thanks so much, gang. Next post, I'll tell you about my experience with NASCAR recently on a new gadget I invented that they just used, and pictures of the new Bennettorium homestead and the massive space for the network of new, experimental slot car tracks (for club racing) that are forthcoming in the next few months.

All hail fellow slot racers everywhere in the universe (and thanks for helping me here)!


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I have never heard of such a thing. Fire suppression systems are only present on racing cars, and they no longer use Halon since it is not environmentally friendly.
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