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Help with 7030 Pb Pro simple H anaolgue

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I have recently aquired a 7030 PB Pro Simple H with 2 lane analogue pb. I tried to find some info on if I can still use this as just a 1 lane analogue until I have time later to go back and fix my Lc's and Powertaps. The instructions say I can run it as is. But do you have to tell the PB you only want 1 lane or does it automaticaly know?
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Yes it is yours. I have a CLC in the design. I planned on cutting the wires. The problem comes with my power taps. I didn't ever plan on running two lane analoque and I wired the lanes together. So I will have to go back and rewire 5 of them. I was just hoping there was a faster way to run some analogue cars until I have some time to go and do that.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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