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Help with Bodyshells!

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Hi everyone,

As part of my ongoing project to build something to beat the obligatory NSR Moslers in our Club no magnet open class, I've formulated a plan for the next chassis.

Having started with this slightly ambitious brass chassied Nissan GT-R, I moved onto a more simple brass pan Mercedes CLK GTR, then a Lexus SC430 JGTC with a stressed member Slot.It anglewinder motor pod.

Each iteration got quicker, but still not quick enough! I've come to the conclusion that the brass is too heavy and that the bodyshells have centres of gravity that are too high.

Therefore, the next chassis will be made from carbon fibre sheet and the bodyshell will be a low slung LMP or GT1 type with a long wheelbase and wide track.

I have an AvantSlot Audi R10 body which fulfils these criteria but is a little restrictive in terms of motor movement etc.

Therefore, my question is could anyone recommend an alternative bodyshell that is readily available? I've seen a Ninco Acura on Pendle which could be appropriate. The Slot.It Mazda also appeals.

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Dave,
check the Nissan GT390R. I think it will allow you with enough space for your custom chassis.
BTW your link is one of the most amazing and sophisticated one I have found here

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BTW maybe you can save weight not using the pod since you give enough flexibility to the fron and rear train already and you skip some (heavy) screws
With your skills it should not be difficult to scratch build a light motor bracket.
If I compare the NSR Mosler chassis with a brass made one I found that it has a great deal of flexibility while the brass ones are more rigid.
Maybe it is enough to reduce even more the thikness of the brass sheet and/or use thin music wire.
Please this is just speculation since I am not lucky like you guys in UK with hundreds of clubs
. Here I cannot test my scratch built in a club right now, so I am very interested in your opinions.

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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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