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Help with Bodyshells!

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Hi everyone,

As part of my ongoing project to build something to beat the obligatory NSR Moslers in our Club no magnet open class, I've formulated a plan for the next chassis.

Having started with this slightly ambitious brass chassied Nissan GT-R, I moved onto a more simple brass pan Mercedes CLK GTR, then a Lexus SC430 JGTC with a stressed member Slot.It anglewinder motor pod.

Each iteration got quicker, but still not quick enough! I've come to the conclusion that the brass is too heavy and that the bodyshells have centres of gravity that are too high.

Therefore, the next chassis will be made from carbon fibre sheet and the bodyshell will be a low slung LMP or GT1 type with a long wheelbase and wide track.

I have an AvantSlot Audi R10 body which fulfils these criteria but is a little restrictive in terms of motor movement etc.

Therefore, my question is could anyone recommend an alternative bodyshell that is readily available? I've seen a Ninco Acura on Pendle which could be appropriate. The Slot.It Mazda also appeals.

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.


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Thanks for the responses everyone!

@300SLR, no, I'm afraid vac-forms aren't allowed

@aerodynamic, I've been looking at the Slot.It bodykits and do quite fancy the look of the Mazda. It'd be perfect in terms of the higher rear deck as well as the low overall C of G.

If anyone has a Slot.It Mazda, it'd be a great help if you could measure the wheelbase and track for me.

I also saw the ScaleAuto Radical body kit. Again, if anyone could help me with these dimensions, it'd be much appreciated.

Hi Al. I thought about the Panoz, but disregarded it on account of the wheelbase, which if I remember correctly, isn't really long enough. And cheers, but I really want to beat the Moslers! Although saying that, me, Warby and Phil stayed on for a test session last week and set some pretty good times. I got down to 6.7ish with the HRS Porsche. Then Warby did a 6.528! Definitely cheating! Haha.

@JamieG, the Nissan would have been my first choice for a Slot.It body kit, but unfortunately the kits aren't available on their own
And thank you for your kind comments. Unfortunately, the performance never really matched the level of over-engineering lol.

With regards to the motor mount, although I could attempt a scratchbuilt piece, the ease at which everything is lined up when using the Slot.It item really appeals.

As for chassis stiffness, my driving style suits a stiffer main chassis with a motor mount that is free to rock, giving a suspension effect. Therefore, carbon fibre should be perfect because it's stiff and very light.

@ThatCorvetteGuy, I hadn't thought of the Flat6. That's definitely an avenue for me to explore
. Cheers. I prefer the inline configuration anyway so hopefully it should fit. The wheelbase of the AvantSlot Audi really appeals. It's longer even than the ProSlot GT One I used to campaign in this class.

@Schackel, I've had both of those bodies in the past and loved both of them. I still have the ProSlot Toyota, but it's in such a state of disrepair, I thought something new might be better

The Ninco BMW LMP/LMR would be perfect, but I have no idea where I could get hold of one. If anyone has one they might consider parting with, please PM me!

Thanks again guys. I'll post a diagram of what I'm thinking about later.

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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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