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Help with ProfessorMotor controller.

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Hi guys,

Just received a polarity switch kit from Getslotted for my PM controller. How do you work it?? I mean all the instructions came along, I even printed out the instructions from the PM website along with those colourful pictures. Now I'm not hot at all with electric bits, so maybe I'm the problem here. I can't quite work out the relationship between the text instructions and the diagrams. Also the fact that there isn't a picture on the finished item, so I don't quite know what to expect. The thing is I don't mind trying to start but I don't wanna mess things up and get the controller buggered.

Has anyone ever done this job? Maybe give me some quick tip? I'd be grateful for any help at all, even more grateful if you could include some photos!

Thanks a lot guys.
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Take another look at the instructions, all the info you need is there
I just did this modification to my controller and the only problem I encountered was that there were no instructions for the LED kit on the red PCB controller. For installing the switch I just looked at the pictures and to figure out the LED installation I looked at more pictures from the Professor Motor website.
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