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Help with track planning.

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Hello, thanks for the inclusion.

I am new here and new in the slot car topic.

I am planning a system and have downloaded several track planning programs.
I like Ultimate Racer 3.0 and Tracker 2000 best because I can define and maintain my own track parts there. Nowhere for Tracker 2000 can I find the opportunity to purchase a license or get a free one, the site is dead.
With the Ultimate Racer 3.0, I really like the route planner. Especially editing your own component.
At the race track planner(RennBahnPlaner) I am fixated on Carrera parts, I don't like that at all and see no way to add my own parts.
Scalextric is also no longer supported, so it cannot find a key.
For the Ultimate Racer 3.0, I would like to purchase the key for the license. I wrote to support on the website, but I don't get an answer, the last update was in 2014. I don't want to pay with PayPal for nothing.
My question to the community is the site still active, will I receive the key for the license with certainty?
I would be very grateful for a hint.
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Which system do you plan on using? Carrera, Scalextric some other?

I have successfully paid via paypall in Feb 2019 and receive the key back via mail.
Which system do you plan on using? Carrera, Scalextric some other?
Hi, Scalextric i Think so. I like the borders, black-brown

For Tracker 2000, I saw some comments that a key code "was available on the internet".

After a bunch of searching and some additional trial and error, I found a solution.

If the admins allow, I will post it here.

Otherwise, I can provide it via email (see below).

I would like to get hold of the Tracker 2000 author to see if I could expand on it. For Revell, I would like to add the various apron types so that those could be counted in the layout pats.

Does anyone know how to contact him?


[email protected]
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Re UR3 license, post on or PM JasonB there, he can probably help you.
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