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· Peter Christie
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Time to start a new race group, enough members have GT cars, fast but not fast to compete in sports and not eligable for saloon.
As Stated last night, Moe did not offer any objection to a new class.

Lets start a new group and set the eligable car criteria, we can run it as the evenings first race at 7.30 for those that wish to enter and then fully introduce as the class grows....could open it to Ford GT40

Start at the beginning of the next championship.

I sugggest cars like,
Fly Capri / sideways capri
NSR Audi R8, Porsche 911
Scaleauto Merc & Honda

Could Chris keep this list updated in Mod Mode as suggestions grow please.

· Peter Christie
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we could do that, you would be able to use the avant slot lotus in a group it would be competitive in

· Mark R-E
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Ok. I am going to say no as I want the track time to check the cars over before racing begins.

I can not get there any earlier and the 30-40 minutes of checking they run ok is needed before the main event starts.

· Ian
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Just found a car that needs a class of it's own the GT40 oh what fun this car is

We would need to amend the tyre rules just for our track but other than that the rules are already here:

I'll bring one along tomorrow for you to have a play with, so easy to do, no need for hours of building and preparation, which makes these a very cheap racing (Slot) car.


Slot it Challenge 'Classics' Rules 2012

• Only Classic cars & parts may be used with the exception of parts listed as FREE CHOICE. Newly released cars/spares must be available from Pendle Slot Racing 2 weeks prior to an event to be eligible to use at that event. New cars/spares which may radically change the championship format must be passed for use by the official scrutineer 2 weeks prior to an event
• Traction Magnets MUST be removed and no extra magnets can be added.
• Cars MUST have all their chassis to body fixing screws firmly secured or covered with a piece of tape or blue tac to prevent screws working loose and falling onto the track.

- Bodies may be repainted but must remain standard, no lowering of bodies, body mounting posts or trimming of wheel arches. Interiors must remain standard and Windscreens/Windows must remain standard and remain clear so that the standard interior can be viewed. Bodies MUST start each race with spoilers in place and securely fastened. The use of plain Unpainted bodies is not allowed, plain Unpainted bodies must be painted so that there are no unpainted areas (the use of clear coat lacquer over unpainted plastic is not allowed). Wing mirrors & aerials may be removed. Headlamp / tail lamp lenses must be in place at the start of the first heat of each meeting.

- Chassis must match the body and remain standard. The chassis edges may be lightly sanded to allow body or motor mount rock. Excessive Sanding is not allowed and must not be used as a way of reducing weight or increasing flex. Some cars are supplied with angle winder ready chassis. These MUST retain the two pop outs which allow an angle winder mount to fit when used with inline or sidewinder mounts. The HRS & HRS2 adjustable chassis are NOT eligible.

Suspension units are not permitted.

- Only sidewinder mounts are eligible for use.
Motor mounts MUST remain standard and must not be modified in any way. Motors MUST fit the mount as they were intended i.e. no turning or lowering of motor in mount, no additional adaptor mounts can be used.
Eligible motor mount: SICH62, (This is the standard mount that comes in the car)

- Only the 21k (Orange can) is eligible for use. Motors MUST remain standard with the exception of cutting down the motor shaft to avoid interfering with running gear. No hybrids upgrading/zapping of motor magnets or brush gear allowed. If there is evidence of the motor can being opened or tampered with in any way this will be viewed as an illegal motor.
Motors MUST fit the mount as they were intended i.e. no turning or lowering of motor in mount, no additional adaptor mounts can be used.
The motor must retain the label/Wrapper where applicable although the wrapper may be cut off on the underside of the car to discourage interference with the track.

- Gears MUST remain standard, no drilling or lightning of gears allowed. Any combination of gearing from the range only may be used.

- Wheels MUST remain standard, no drilling or lightening of wheels allowed. Any combination of wheels (plastic or alloy) from the range only may be used. F1 sized wheels are not eligible.
All wheels must run with matching inserts.

- Solid axles only from the range are to be used. Independent axle kits are not eligible for use.

- Rear tyres must be either of the following compounds only. F15, F22 F30
Tyres may be glued to the wheels, trued and treated but must feel dry to touch at the start of a race. Tyre goops are NOT allowed. In order for the scrutineers to identify the tyres used are legal, The logo and compound type which is molded to the tyre wall must be clearly visible. Please Note if the tyres are not easily identifiable by the scrutineers they will be deemed illegal.
- Front Tyres are of a free choice but must be of a rubber compound. Front tyres may be clear varnished.

-Please note the use or presence of syringes for inflating tyres is not permitted at any of the SIC Venues/events.
Any one caught with or using a syringe at a SIC event/venue will be disqualified and asked to leave the event.

-Any Oil of Wintergreen type products or MB19063 tyre additive/substances are also banned from SIC venues/events as of the 1st January 2011.
Anyone caught with or using these products at a SIC venue/event will be disqualified and asked to leave the event.

- Standard clip in guide (SICH26) from the range only. (It is illegal to add parts to a guide i.e. extending the blade.)

- Are not required and MUST not be fitted.

- Only parts available from the range are to be used except for the following:
- Braid, axle/guide spacers, motor to guide cable, alloy wheel grub screws and body screws & motor fixing screws.

If It's not mentioned above then it's illegal!

· Ian
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I tell you what I had great fun last night running the GT40 round with Chris using several different classics it was close neck and neck FUN!

Moe even said there was classics originally on the timetable but it got stopped because someone used cars with big fat tyres,,,,,,,, if this was limited to "Standard" it could be one of our closest competitions.
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