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Hello, I'm Dave and I've been checking out this forum for a while now and decided to finally say "Hi". I'm in the New York City area and belong to the Slot Car Racing Club of New York. We're only 4 members (odd I know for such a large city) of the club. I'm in my first year in the hobby and it's totally taken over my waking hours. While working as a sports photographer covering the NYC pro teams, I find myself thinking about how to weight my Ninco 356 or whether to move the motor to the back of the chassis of the Daytona Cobra I have modified heavily already....yeah I have it bad. And now I'm in the beginning stages of building a sectional routed track.

Anyway, just thought I'd show my "face" and tell ya'll how much I love seeing what will be in the US a few weeks or months ahead of time.

(and try not to hold the NY thing against me too much

Dave Kennedy
Slot Car Racing Club of New York
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