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Hey Slot It, how about a 2D to go with the GT40

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I really like the 60s sports cars, particularly some of the American stuff for some reason. I have 8 Cheetahs, 3 GT-40s, a few Chaparral 2Ds, some Cobras, etc. I'm not a huge fan of the other Chappys but I really like the 2D, especially the Sebring. A 2D from Slot It (or NSR) would really be a nice match to the new Slot It GT-40.

Anybody else think so?

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Love them myself. I've got a very effective Revell 2C with a Slot.It inline, and I'm working on a Strombecker 2D at the moment. But you couldn't get a sidewinder in one, surely, especially with the nice fat tyres the model demands - that's why their 2E is overscale, which is such a pity.

I suspect a 2D would not be a great seller, so don't hold your breath.
Slot.It have already announced their next Chaparral, it will be a 2J and it will be 1/32 scale.
Dave, the 2E is over scale because Slot.It did a deal with Racer to co-operate on the project and Racer do not make 1/32 scale cars.
It is perfectly possible to do a sidewinder 2A, 2C or 2D in 1/32 scale but you need to remember that rear tyres were only about 12inches wide in 1966.
Mick, why do you think the 2D would not be popular?

I'm going to check tonight to see if the Slot It GT-40 chassis will fit under a Strombecker 2D shell. If it does, next step will be to see if the GT-40 chassis is available separately. I already know an HRS chassis is too wide.

I'd like to clear up things.
The 2J is my 'dream car when I was a child' that I want to make one day. But it will not be our next Chaparral.
A similar car to the 2E, which will use a few parts from its sibling (chassis, cockpit, wheels, wing), is more likely to happen - for example a 2F, which also raced against the GT40.
Nothing is being done yet though.

Thanks for the reply Maurizio. I guess I'll need to make my own Slot It 2D.

This was one of the first re-paints I did (some time ago), but I did a new chassis for it a few days ago. Still working on the tuning, going to be a bit tricky to get it running with the Slot It GTR-40. They make a nice couple:

Here's the chassis:

Don't laugh too much at the chassis, it works better than it would appear to. The chassis without the body was only 2/10s sec off the GT-40. I did a fair bit of fooling with weight to get the GT-40 to run with the NSRs (keep in mind the GT-40 is half the price of an NSR). I'm fairly sure I can get the Chappy close.

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Racer's next Chaparral is a 2G so it's a fair bet that the next Chaparral will also be a 2G, just a few months later.
Just thought y'all might like to see some video of a Slot It GT40 and my Chappy 2D with homebuilt chassis racing neck and neck:

Just click on the photo. I'm surprised at how well the PCB chassis works. They're doing approximately 6.5 second laptimes, very good times for my track.

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