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Howdy All,

How rude of me not giving any kind of intro. (Does anyone read this area??)

Anyhow...I was too poor to have my own slot set as a kiddie and being from the states never had any knowledge of Scalextric (much less be able to pronounce it).

My buddies had TYCO HO stuff and I envied them royally. What fun I had. I have always been a car nut and drew car pictures for money in grammar school and middle school.

A couple of years ago I got into PC racing sims and built a bunch of classic 3D racing models such as Ferrari Dinos, Porsche Kremers, Chaparrals (2A - 2E), Lola T70 coupes and roadsters such as the Parnelli Jones #21 T70 (gorgeous!). Guys are still running my cars around the planet, so I would like to think that I contributed to the community there.

I am also a writer (published book of poetry) and an inventor (in my own head). I came across a Hobby shop (Fantasy World) and learned how to pronounce Scalextric and I was hooked. I bought a number of sets to the constranation of my wife and took over the entire basement. Then I routed my own small track...great fun!! What a great hobby! I wish more people were as interesting as this group is.

Well, if things go my way I hope to contribute to this hobby in a big way. I have a thing or two on the drawing board which I hope may be accepted by the public (if I ever get it off the ground). You guys are good inspiration.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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