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Stay in bed or go start a fight?

I just had one..

Began with my two year old PCs hard drive dying completely. Two weeks minimum, a trip to Germany and a ton of cash to get the info taken off the damn thing

Then I discovered my back up schedule had slipped

THEN ! a letter from some Swiss lawyer, working on behalf of the lady who owns the building we have sub rented saying she is not happy with what we intend even though the local town council have said we are fine to do it.

So work is on hold till we sort it out and I have NO records OR info OR work to finish

Here's a tip - back up your PC NOW! before it's too late

Merry bloody Xmas huh?

Anyway - PLEASE WILL those folk I am working with, sending stuff or money to or simply who know me and want to say Hi...

RESEND Email addresses and any relevant recent Emails to [email protected]

This specifically includes Invoices, slot work related replies ( STINGRAY ?)

Cheers all
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