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Hey, im new to slot car like the description says

My name is Brian, and im 13 years old. I have limited money, and i am planning on asking my parents for a HO scale slot car track for Xmas.

I was REALLY into Smaller RC cars, basicly 1/28 and 1/64.

I was into custom modding and things like that, i rewound some motors.
I also know a few things, like more turns the more tourqe but less top speed.
And i was wondering, is there ways to Re-wind HO scale motors?
And also, do people use Neo-magnets for these, i know there VERY strong, and give better tourqe.
I used to have this really nice, set when i was about 6-7. My grandpa got it for me, but now i have no clue where it is at.
Well basicly im just saying hi, and giving you guys a little backround on me

And i hope to have fun here and on this forum.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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