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hi all from darlington

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i recently bought a Indy 500 set i am just wondering whether i could update the track with a newer power adapter its the C589 and the one with the number 5 pennzoil car i would of posted up a picture but i cant find my adapter for my camera

this is a link so you can see what it looks like

oh i have pinned my new hobby on my son
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i know its a dumb question i am also stuck on how to use the power supply its the c922 as i have never used it before i have pretty much hit a brick wall
I'm not sure which power supply is C589, the pack you have C.922(or one like it) was current until about 1998, roughly the age of your set. In the photos the controlers are connected the the transformer apparently correctly, so connecting the 2 red blocks with brass pins one to each lane under the track. If the cars run the wrong way turn the block through 180 deg.
Without buing a piece of track, new controlers and matching power supply is the only way to up grade easily.

pm me if thats not clear

umm the picture is not my set it is just a picture what i found to show you all which set i had. but yeah thanks for the info i think iv got it now i hope
no i am not port of a slot club at the moment wayne
yeah trust me my racing is about as good as death race and its the crashing i am good at ha! broke more cars than i can think off the wife isn't to pleased about it either spending sheds of money on new cars just for them to last couple of days i hone my skills so i wont destroy any of your cars
i am signed up to the NERCS forum so one day i will give it a blast

cheers mike trust iv got loads of them to ask ha

better get looking on ebay for a new car
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Does anyone know how to open up the c922 my son decided it was funny to push the screw in !!
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