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Hi I'm John, been into scalextric for 20+ years, have a collection in the loft comprising some 50+ cars and around 250-300 ft of track, in the past i had tracks set up taking up the entire ground floor of my flat which would include a 16ft home straight
sadly since moving a decade ago it's spent most of it's life boxed and hidden coming out maybe three or four times since,
Now though the inner fire has surfaced again
and I have plans to downsize the collection, upgrade to digital and build a circuit in the loft, The kids are old enough now and I'd have their help and support, just need to convince the wife lol,

Rather than buying digital parts and cars separately I want to get a ready to race set but can't decide which one, any ideas? I fancy the platinum set but don't think I can justify the price,

Also does anyone buy bulk lots of classic? Not sure what's going yet, tbh I can't even remember what's there

Sorry for the rambling first post just thought I tell you what I'm up to

David J
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Hi John, welcome.
I don't know enough to really advise but the latest scalextric digital system will allow you to run both digital AND analogue cars (not at the same time of course), kind of a best of both worlds. Someone on here will be able to tell you which of the new sets will be able to do this.

All the best

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