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I raced scratch builts as a kid. Tracks started disappearing around the mid 70's and I'm still trying to find anything I still might have around the garage.

Ok, how does one get started with a whole new setup? Bear in mind, I'm one of Doug's Corvette buddies over in the States. So, a nice C5R setup would be ideal.

How do I find tracks in my area?


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Welcome Tigger Creep!

I can't help you with local knowlege and tracks and clubs since I'm in Sweden, sorry

But if you're into Vettes and stuff I'd probably start with one of the big Carrera sets with some American muscle cars. Nice wide track with rust proof rails. Mind you I've never tried it myself but it looks nice, and to me it seems the best option if you've got the space and you're not going to rout a track yourself. But have a proper look around before you make any decision, since there are lots to choose from these days. Best of luck!
...and I hope that you find something nice in that garage


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Hi Trigger!

Fly has a beautiful C5R! Many different liveries.

For info on US tracks in your area, you might be wise to join one of the email distribution lists hosted in the US. Of course, you'll want to stay here too - there's too much good stuff to miss!

For DLs try: and search for "slot-list"

and/or visit

The first one is more active. You might be able to find some organized activity close to you.

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