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hi all
i guess i got ahead of my self by posting earlier. i started my track 2 years ago and
after much collecting and building im just finishing up my track. after a 40 year layoff
and just racing on large commercial tracks as a youth i wanted something a bit more
realistic in my middle years. its small in comparison to most of my e-collegues
but its all i could do in a limited space. im looking forward to learning and sharing here.

Fast Co.
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QUOTE i guess i got ahead of my self by posting earlier.

Not at all. I know you've got some great pictures. One of the nicer tracks I've seen. Size doesn't matter - it's how you use what you've got and judging from your pix on SCG you've used it quite well

Why not post 'em here?

If you join SF+ for just a few $$ a year you get a ton of gallery space as well as a bunch of other bennies.

Check it out here:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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