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Im new to slotcars, always wanted one when I was
a kid and finally at age 36 I get one - which I have
to share with my 3 sons (5, 3 and 3months).
Got a scalextric set recently, grand prix with 2 indy cars.
Went out and bought a 4wd SCX mitsubishi and an SCX Opel
touring car.
These go much better on the scalextric set than the 2
indy cars.
I live in Auckland, New Zealand

Yesterday I bought a lap counter which has really
added to the joy of racing.
I set mine to 40 laps and my 3 yr olds (Jensen) to
25 laps. He beats me with about 5 laps to spare!

Anyway hope to get lots of help and info from
these pages as their is obv. lots more to
this than just going round in circles.

Cheers all
ps I drive a Fiat Coupe 20Valve Turbo in 1:1 mode
and wonder if I can get a slot car version?

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Hi Redflat! Welcome...yes like me you will propably get inspired to make a permanent track and buy even more cars after spending some time in here with these guys be prepared slotcars are highly addictive

I don't know about the Fiat (nice car by the way)..but someone in here propably does.

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