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Hi from Zippideedoda

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Hello Everyone. Just wanted to say how excited I am to join in on a forum that holds a lot of interest to me.

I have been racing slots, on and off for about 20 years. Started out with a Aurora
slot car set as a teenager. In college, I bought a used HO Tyco set with formula 1 cars, and set up a track in the attic of my rental house.We held informal races there until it got too cold during the winter months.

About three years ago, I discovered 1/32 Scalectrix race sets while visiting the in-laws in Michigan, and bought one before I left for home. I have since added track several times and about a dozen cars. My favorite being Fly cars, but I recently bought some GB Track cars and like them as well.

My track is currently boxed up,
and I am looking for a local club track or fellow enthusiasts to form a home race circuit. I live in central Wisconsin, and would not mind driving an hour to a track to race.

Call me, Zippi
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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