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just a little about my background so you know how i learn about what i ramble on about.

I'm a A level student doing Maths Physics Computing and Biology. reasearch for these as included a fair bit of electronics for physics. I do mountain biking and go on MBUK and do most outdorr stuff. currently just digging out all my scalextric andd now adding to it, already I'm thinking wheres the money going.
my cars
scalextric lemans not sure which model (pair from set)
scalextric pro-tec audi A4
lister storm (on its way to me)
MG lola (also on it's way)

i also use a few old cars which my brother has and my mates F1 cars

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The Lister and the MG Lola are going to blow you away with their detail and performance. Before you kno wit you'll be thinking, go out get covered in mud and bruises or stay home and get covered in carpet burns and bruises!



I say the above as a recollection of my experiences with mates when we rediscovered Scalextric when w shared a rented house in early post-Uni days. Leaping up and down to put back on deslotted cars can be exhausting and painful.

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You sure do! you also need an upto date lap timer!
Send me a PM with your address and I will send you one.

BTW - NICE home track layout, I remember doing almost exactly the same layout

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