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Hello everybody...

Hobbies have no borders and I'm glad to join the international slot community.
First, let me apologize for my poor english: I was taught on last century

I live in west of France (not so far from the english coasts...).

I'm fond of Le Mans racing cars (past and modern ones) and my favorite model cars are Scalextric, from which I enjoy the nice reliability and accuracy. I like some resin kits too, made by french hand crafters as "PSK GHOSTMODELS" or "GMC" , more specialized in classic race cars.
I've no permanent track, I prefer to fit my SCALEX SPORT track in a temporary way. So, I can vary routes and try new schedules. I usually build about 50 feet length tracks.

Sometimes I remove magnets and sometimes not. It depends on the car. Some are easy to pilot whithout magnets and some are not...I've no radical opinion on the subject.

See you soon...

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Highjacking an old post, hope you dont mind . . .

Invigorating and old thread/post. Looking for a Ghostmodels Lola T70 1967 Le Mans.

Any help appreciated, lead to sale, link, or if you have one . . .

Thanking you in advance . . .

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