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Just setting my alarm clock for the Japanese GP... old habits die hard.

Mind you, I don't suppose it's going to have much on last weekend's Nextel Cup race at Talladega... a total of 44 lead changes, with the winner in 11th place with four laps to go.

I've just finished watching it for a second time and I'm still laughing aboout loud, whistling through my teeth and high fiving my children.

They started two wide, went to three wide and... stayed that way for 188 laps. Still, Ron Dennis says it's boring.

With apologies to 'McLaren' that has to be the most gratuitous case of the pot calling the kettle black that I ever saw. Or, as Ron would have it, "the optimal interface between one boiling utensil and another with relation to their respective carbon deposits."

Funny how Bernie goes quiet on NASCAR, and falls back on 125cc bikes as a sport where 'there's lots of overtaking but nobody watches it.'

Yeah well Formula 3 is pretty important to Formula One, but nobody watches that either... paying punters in the UK are around 1000 per event and the TV figures don't actually register.
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